‘Tis the Season. 

I am slightly obsessed with the Christmas season. By ‘slightly’, I mean ‘I start listening to Christmas carols in July’. No biggie. There is nothing better than a good Christmas tune.

I thought for this entry, I would list the four most wonderful things about Christmas (in Elise’s opinion). There are probably a lot more than four, but I don’t want this entry to turn into some sort of novel.

Disclaimer: These items are not being placed in any order, I’m just writing them as they come to my mind.

one; decorations– Let’s be honest… Who doesn’t think that Christmas lights are beautiful? And Christmas trees?! Yeah, I’m pretty sure they’re the best.

two; carols– A good Christmas song can make my heart flutter. Some personal favorites would be “O Holy Night”, “Silent Night”, & “Winter Wonderland”. What are yours? Let me know. I’d love to hear them!

three; family– I am a person who thoroughly enjoys spending time with my family. Laughing & celebrating with them is something I wouldn’t trade for the world. Every year, my dad’s family goes up to a “Christmas House” for a few days; it’s one of my favorite traditions.

four; baking– Getting together with friends and/or family & baking cookies is another favorite holiday tradition of mine. No, this doesn’t specifically fall under a ‘Christmas tradition’. I could do this during any season or holiday. However, I participate more in this activity during the winter time. The entire house fills with wonderful smells & my heart becomes happy because of it.

Of course, celebrating the birth of Jesus is on this list as well, but I don’t feel like that should be a number on this list. Christmas is the joyous celebration of Jesus Christ. My favorite holiday wouldn’t exist if He didn’t. All of the little items on this list are just bonus points. 🙂

I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season. Spend it with the people you love the most, and above all, don’t lose track of what the holidays are really about.



How amazing is it that two people who love each other can come together & make a child?

Personally, I cannot wait to someday have a child (or children) of my own. To be able to look at a person and know that it was your love that created this tiny little being seems like the coolest feeling in the entire world. I want nothing more than to feel that feeling. To be able to look at a person who has done amazing things in their life and think, “Hey, I made that.” must be incredible.

Haim Ginott, a child psychologist, once said “Children are like wet cement- whatever falls on them makes an impression”.

I find this quite to be very true. It is the actions of adults that children follow. We must set good examples so that the future generations can learn from our mistakes. If you’ve ever met a child, which I think most of you have, you know how much they imitate. It’s funny to watch them watch you do silly things and then doing it in return.

So why not always do good? In order to better the future generations, we must create examples that won’t only leave impressions on our children, but leave impressions on the world. Tell me that wouldn’t be cool.

Let’s try it: Impress your children. Impress your elders. Impress yourself.


Trying new things is exciting. Sharing things about myself to the entire internet… not so exciting. But, like I said, I want to try new things. So why not publish an online diary?

I’ve always been interested in writing, but have been afraid of what other people might think of my ideas. Thinking over that now, I realize how ridiculous I was being. Who cares what others think? Thankfully I’ve gotten over that, because I feel like this might be fun. Who knows? I could become internet famous! Probably not… well, anything can happen.

I guess I should introduce myself. If it wasn’t clear already, my name is Elise. I am a high school student with big dreams for Broadway. I absolutely adore sushi, and also enjoy pasta. Hobbies include singing, photography, & writing. I’m excited to start blogging for you all. It might make my boring Pennsylvanian life seem… less boring.

With all of this being said, I think this will be fun. I hope you stick around for a while. Thanks for reading!!